Funded Childcare Places

Nursery Education funded hours for two, three and four year olds
Three and four year old children may be entitled to up to 30 hours per week of subsidised funded childcare.
Please contact us for further information. For information on the two year old see the details at the bottom of this page.

What is early year’s flexible entitlement?
Early years flexible entitlement is an opportunity for your child to join in play based activities in a quality environment to continue their learning. This entitlement is for children aged 3 and 4 years olds. You can choose between term time only or take less hours per week ans stretch the to attend all year round.

When can my child start?
Your child can start the term after their 3rd birthday; if they were born between:
January 1st to March 31st – they start in April
April 1st to August 31st – they start in September
September 1st to December 31st – they start in January

How can I apply?
Sunnyside Nursery will apply for your child’s Flexible Free Entitlement once you have registered your child with us.

What is my child entitled to?
Your child can access up to 30* hours of early years entitlement per week for a maximum of 38 weeks per year.

For more information contact Laura on 01274 613100 or our enquiry form

What will my child get from attending early years entitlement?
Your child will get the chance to access learning opportunities in an environment that will help to extend their skills and experiences, develop their confidence and build on what they already know.

Is the early years entitlement different at Sunnyside Nursery than at a School Nursery?
No, both settings use the same framework (Early Years Foundation Stage) to deliver quality-learning opportunities for your child.

Will I be expected to pay anything towards my child’s early years entitlement?
Yes. As i am sure you have seen in the media, the government funding does not fully cover the cost of the place and therefore we must charge a small supplement. This is to cover meals and other activities and expenses. We always aim to keep this at a minimum. Please contact us for more information.

Where can I get more information, advice and support?
You can speak to our manager/owner Laura on 01274 613100 or our enquiry form for further information.

Two Year old Entitlement

The Governments aim is to provide all children with the best start in their learning and development; therefor there is an entitlement for 2 year olds which can provide 15 hours childcare per week during term time.

Please contact our manager/owner Laura on 01274 613100 or our enquiry form for further information.

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